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Salamander Caving Gear are designers, producers and marketers of specialized caving gear including clothing and accessories.

We are located in the Bay Area of Northern California.  The company grew out of the frustration of not being able to find good quality functional caving gear.  

We believe we can learn from other cavers, hence, should you have good ideas or wish to share feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

Alpine Caving in the Chameleon Caving Suit

Customer Reviews


Alpine Caving in the Chameleon Caving Suit

Mary Rose

Over the Memorial Day weekend, eight California cavers visited the karst in the Marble Mountain Wilderness in northern California. This area has the deepest and second-longest cave system in the state (Bigfoot), along with dozens of other caves. The caves are at altitudes ranging from roughly 5500 to 6600 feet, with ambient temperatures typically 35-37°F; many are also fairly wet, so proper attire is a must for safe caving.

Four of the cavers were wearing the Salamander Caving Suit; this is a lighter suit than people usually use in these caves, but they worked wonderfully, with most people wearing one or two layers of polypro and/or fleece underneath. In one cave, one caver even made use of the convertible sleeves after realizing he was working up a sweat despite the chilly temperature!

 Introducing the latest superhero movie franchise: The Cavetastic Four!

Introducing the latest superhero movie franchise: The Cavetastic Four!

On a hike around the karst prior to caving on the last day, a couple of the cavers also found the "hiking-pants-only" mode to work quite well, especially when bushwhacking through heavier brush (not to mention the fact that it's easier to carry your suit by wearing it than by stuffing it in your cave pack).

Claudia and Dustin relaxing at the bottom of Upstream Cave.